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We're going to switch back to GriefPrevention exclusively, and we're adding Minigames and a new spawn that AgentOink has been slaving over for ages. Stay tuned, it will be happening very soon!

We need donations pretty badly. We haven't had any for about 3 months now and we've been relying on AgentOink to pay for the website and other expenses have been covered by me. Please consider donating during this 50% sale.


Hello, all!

We've made a few changes to the server. First let me tell you who won the voting for the month!

Boyzhang7 - Rankup from Coal to Lapis
FallingLeaves - Rankup from Redstone to Gold
timelord_shamus - Banned, didn't get his reward
grill30 - $10k in game cash
RogueCruiser - $10k in game cash

Second, allow me to say that we've gone ahead and added GriefPrevention to the server as a secondary form of protection to people's houses. Here's how it works:

  • The gold shovel has returned. This means you can use it to claim your house if you're not part of a town.
  • Do not claim your town with Golden Shovel. Towns are meant to be claimed by Towny. If you live in a town and have permission to a plot, you may claim your house using your gold shovel. Do not claim more than the land that you've been alotted.
  • Please note that town mayors may request that staff unclaim parts of land for sufficient reason.
  • Any player caught claiming land in a town that doesn't belong to them will be tempbanned for 3 days. There are no exceptions to this rule! Do not claim land that does not belong to you!

We added back GriefPrevention for people who want to build houses in solitude, and because there have been complaints about people griefing towns. We really encourage that you continue to use Towny, because we really want people to form cool communities and bond with each other!

The last order of buisness is that the 30% sale + buy one rank get the next free is still up through spring break. We really need donations, so it would be really cool if we could get some people to donate! 

Thanks everyone for being understanding through the transition period. We really want Towny to be a success but we understand that some people don't want to be in towns with people.