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Hey guys, the month is over and here's the winners of the July 2016 voting contest!


Remember that winning the voting contest means you get a free rankup!

Also, we're doing really badly for donations right now and we are going to lose the site soon if we don't get any. We have a 50% sale in the shop on all items, so consider getting a rank to help us out!


ripjawman I stopped voting halfway but I was still third cool

Hey guys! We're having a 50% sale in the LB shop! Check it out!

Also, I've noticed that people haven't been as active recently. Please tell me what you'd like to see on our server and I'll add it for you!

ripjawman I'd like to see activity. I'd like to see people socializing. That's not exactly something you can do but...
301RattPack301 i want to buy coal rank but i dont see and "add to cart" option, or even something along those lines.