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Welcome to August everyone! Maverick here with a bit of an update for LegendaryBane.

First off, here are the winners of this month's voting contest, which I am bringing back starting this month.


So congratulations to them! A rankup will be given to them. Keep in mind that every month, the 3 people who vote the most on our 8 server lists will receive a free rankup.

We're looking to start up two new servers for LB but we need your help.

The first server we're going to work on is a public PvP server, with factions, MCMMO, and raiding. There will be donor ranks on this server too and I'm going to construct a shop for it on our site in the next few days. Stay tuned on that!

The second server will be something new that we've never tried for LB before - We're going to be running a private server. The only way to get in will be to purchase a pass to the server for a small amount of real life money. This will ensure that the server will be grief free and fun to play on. There will NOT be donor ranks for this server, everyone will be equal and able to survive on the same level. If you want to find out how you can help out with this server, please PM Maverick. The passes will go on sale in the next few days as well.

What we really need to help these start up is donations. Purchasing SMP ranks will help immensely as well as you getting the perks on SMP. When the PVP ranks and Private Server passes come out, purchasing those will help go towards the server you're supporting. Post a comment here or PM Maverick if you have any questions about these!

Have a great day!
keno511 @ LegendaryBane SMP
The second server idea to be honest is a great idea! love it ...
blodeypro These are gooing to be an addition to the server i think
Master_Derpz Are these going to replace the server or are in addition to the one we already have.
Check this out to be up to date on what's been going on over at LegendaryBane!

Thanks guys!
khani360 Movie maker Why movie why not sony vegas 12 i can edit vids if anyone sends me them
DreadThunder I'ma punch EULA's E, U, L, and A into the Nether.
Noobatologist Ah! Should I come back to Minecraft just to play LB?? ;-;

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