Anybody who buys Enchanted over the next few days through Friday gets it for 25% off and gets $50k in game money along with it! This includes any rank up + the base rank if you're a member. Enchanted is an amazing rank with a lot of perks. Here they are!

Access to all MAGMA commands plus the following:
Create [Disposal] signs!
Create signs using color codes! (&1, &b, &e!)
Type /warps to list all the warps!
You keep all experience on death!
Use /ci to clear your inventory!
Use /powertool to bind a command to a tool!
Use &l, &m, and &o to add cool formatting to your text, messages, and nicknames!
Use /ignore to ignore any non-staff players!
Be exempt from any AFK kicks!
Type /skull to create player heads!
Type /firework to copy a firework in your hand or create a new firework!
Use /tp to teleport to a player! (Note: IF THEY ASK YOU TO LEAVE, THEN LEAVE!)
Type /broadcast <message> to send a message to the whole server. Don't use this to chat! Its only for announcements! Don't abuse.
Thanks for reading!