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Hey guys!

FINALLY I have gotten the PVP server done like I've promised to do for the last several months! I know you guys have been waiting FOREVER for it to be done and I'm proud to say that after painstaking work, it is truly complete!

http://legendarybane.net/shop#legendarybane-pvp-303175 to buy a rank in the PVP Shop for 20% off!

Credits go to:
ItsRedDot for keeping me sane and his sick terraforming skillz
Slastifer for building the spawn
RAIGN and bears11502 for standing around for moral support

blodeypro Awesome! Just curious about private though? Is that making a return?

Hey guys, I've decided to put us into a 35% sale at the moment to celebrate the fact that all the snow is melting outside my house.

...*shrug* Trying to find reasons to celebrate is hard. Cut me some slack, okay?