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Hey guys!

Want a chance to be a moderator on LegendaryBane? Now is your chance! Apply to be a moderator:

Also, because a bunch of people bugged me, the sale from last weekend (40% off and buy one get the next rank) is still up. I'll be nice - summer's just starting after all! :D


righteousbird55 I got banned for "Griefing" when technically I got revenge if she did it to me why is it not allowed for me to ...

Happy Summer, everyone! I know you're all really happy to be out of school, and let's celebrate with a 40% off sale and buy one get the next rankup free sale! Mow some lawns, take out the garbage, and grab a rank this weekend! You'll enjoy that rank for the rest of the summer!

Donavin12 Is the sale still on