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Buy Obsidian and get Emerald! Buy Emerald and get Diamond! Buy Quartz and get Iron! This also applies to money too.. and all of this is on top of the 35% sale in the shop already!

Thanks so much guys for helping us out. We appreciate it so much.

Finally... it's here!

AgentOink @ LegendaryBane Survival
posted Jun 5, 16

After quite some time, we're glad to announce that we've finally released the new server.
It's taken us a lot of work, but we've got some nice new plugins and we are very proud to release it to you.
See the video above (at the time of this post) for, more info.. ish?

Towny is gone, and now we are back to GriefPrevention (Gold Shovel) only.

We have a nice new shop system, the economy is quite different this time around, but trust me.. it's awesome.

We really hope you enjoy the new spawn, fresh start to the world, and thank you all for you continued support.

I, as always, hate to ask for it. But times have been tough for us here at LB, hence a lot of the delays we've had... But we've put a 50% sale out on the store and we'd be exceptionally thankful for any donations you guys can provide!

Wishing you all a good time on the new server, thanks again for all your support. See you all round!