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Hey guys, its Yoshiman__ here, your new Owner on LegendaryBane! Me and Red are going to be working hard to bring new stuff to LegendaryBane, however it is important to realize that the past problems have not gone away. We seriously need donations because  things have gotten a lot worse in the last few months. We're at a permanent 50% sale at the moment to help encourage you guys to contribute.

Also anybody who donates will get a free Private Server Pass on me.

Thanks a lot!

SlyJaden I'm just going to say why I think this is silly and how this could have been averted. Firstly I think that this server t ...
blodeypro %50?? I think im getting gold ...


MaverickA95 posted Oct 20, 14
Okay everyone, I've got a very important announcement for all of you. It's been in the works for a while, so don't be alarmed that something recently has come up that has changed anything.

I've decided to hand my ownership of LegendaryBane over into the capable hands of Yoshi and Red. We've had a conversation about this and we know where everything stands and you guys don't really need to know all the gorey details. I've decided to resign for a number of reasons, however you should know that it really has nothing to do with any of you at all. I have my own personal reasons.

I really don't have time to run LegendaryBane anymore. I have a lot on my plate now and I've been the owner for a year now. In that time, I've met a lot of people. I understand if any of you think I'm ditching LB or jumping ship but its something I need to do now.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me and the server over the years!
ripjawman Wow. Yoshi and Red owners. I feel so happy for them, although by what I'm seeing I fear LegendaryBane is going to die. I ...
jrg2002 Cya Mav you where a great owner looking forward for a new start with new owners. You will be missed. See you around ...
BionicStrategist Maverick you've a good host on this server for a while now. Its sad to see you go but if you must you must. You will not ...