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Hey guys! We're having a special thanksgiving sale this week to celebrate! Enjoy 35% off, a buy one get the next rank free sale, and $20k in game cash when you buy any rank! The special rankup stuff is limited to one per minecraft account, but the 35% sale will be on throughout.

Oooooohhhh*cough cough* *ahem*

Hello, everyone!

It's Halloween now, which means its time to announce the winners of the Halloween Build Contest! The theme was Spooky, so we're going to announce the winners here:

1. Hanako_Hina - Private Server Pass & WorldEdit or Free Rankup
2. Trentons65 - Whatever 1st doesn't choose
3. EnderBacon - Private server pass + $250k in game!
4. Slavewolf and EclipseWolf Private Server Pass + $100k in game!
5. TheSweetCuddles $100k in game!

Find Yoshi or Dan to recieve your prize! The screenshots of the builds are in the gallery.

We've also decided who the new Trial-Moderators are going to be. There were a lot of apps and we read them all and considered them all equally, but a few shined through. If yours wasn't chosen, please don't be let down. There were a lot of apps and we could only choose a few people for the spots!

The new Trial-Mods are:
Trentons65 (A double whammy! Wow!)

Say congrats if you see them on the server!

Voting winners, which we're going to announce now instead of later to get it all done at once, are as follows:
1. TheSweetCuddles in 1st, with a free rankup!
2. Navec789 in 2nd, with a free rankup!
3. xXCrackHeadXx in 3rd, with $100k in game!
4. xXSwagCatXx in 4th, with $50k in game!
5. Reznov103 in 5th, with $50k in game! (A double whammy! Wow!)

I think that's enough with giveaways and ranks! Jeez!

There is a 35% sale in the shop and a buy one get the next rank free sale all at once in the shop at the moment to celebrate Halloween. Get your ranks now because now is the time!

Thanks, everyone!

Reznov103 OMG! Thanks so much for the Money and the Trail-Mod Yoshi! I'm sorry to everyone who didn't win the Bulding Contest or g ...