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Hey, guys!

After the disaster last week, LegendaryBane has returned to being a 24/7 non-whitelisted server! You can join us again at play-lb.com! We're now running a hub with just the survival and the new private freebuild servers at the moment.

All ranks will be transferred from the old server. There's also a sale in the shop: 40% off to celebrate the fresh start!

I'm sorry about losing all the files. I take full responsibility - it's my fault. However, I'm trying to make up for it by making LegendaryBane way cooler!


Monthly top voters!

Yoshiman__ posted Aug 2, 15

These are the winners of the monthly top voter contest

I_Love_Biersack - Rank up!
Navec789 - Rank up!
JDizzle25 - 100k!
bunnyfur - 50k!
Baymax_PHRB - 50k!

Congrats to them!

Stay tuned for updates!

warhawkwyatt oh that sucks
warhawkwyatt Do I get my rank up from June? XD its a little late but i just never really asked for it