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Hey guys! We're having a 50% sale in the LB shop! Check it out!

Also, I've noticed that people haven't been as active recently. Please tell me what you'd like to see on our server and I'll add it for you!

Hey guys! We've done so much stuff this week that it makes me dizzy, so this is going to be a really long post! Sorry about that, but if you keep reading I'll hide a little goodie in the post.

So as some of you know, there is now a new rank in the rank shop for SMP. This is the Prismarine rank, which adds a couple of REALLY cool perks to the donor list which include WorldEdit inside claims. We're also working on getting a private map feature set up so that Prismarine users can have their own flatworld map that has a worldborder of 500 so they can build really sweet towns in it!

Remember that the 35% sale + buy one get the next rank free sale are still in effect because its the beginning of summer. You can get Prismarine at a super discounted price if you use this sale to get it!

Special thanks to user colered for suggesting this rank and being the first to actually get it! Check it out at http://legendarybane.net/shop

The next piece of big news are all the new perks we've added this week to existing ranks. On top of what you already had, we've added trails, re-added disguise, and we tried to add back pets but the creator of the new plugin for this, SonarPets, isn't properly updating it to 1.10 for some reason. We will add back pets as soon as we can, so stay tuned on that one.

ripjawman Well, that's interesting.
grill30 What pixelmon mod version do we download?
TurboTazer Do you guys have a link to the pixelmon website?