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Check this out to be up to date on what's been going on over at LegendaryBane!

Thanks guys!
DreadThunder I'ma punch EULA's E, U, L, and A into the Nether.
Noobatologist Ah! Should I come back to Minecraft just to play LB?? ;-;
slas_98 No, sorry Ninja_Master_RMD, /feed is a command that would make one player "win" over another, because they pai ...

Hey, Legends!

I'm your new Co-owner, Yoshiman__. I'm honoured to be aboard and glad to be of whatever assistance I can! I'm on because Maverick is going to be doing a lot this summer and needs someone to help out with running the server. Since I've always had console access anyway and she knows and trusts me IRL, she chose me for the job. I have a lot of experience running servers and have been a member of LB for a long time.

To start with, we have gotten a fair amount of donations now but we always need more. Every penny donated will go towards keeping the server up and for advertising once we make the reset when 1.8 comes out. The 40% sale will remain for another week or two, so don't feel rushed on the matter.

There might be a huge change coming when the reset happens in how donations work. I'm not sure of all the details but don't worry - if you have a rank now, you will receive equivalent perks when the new system comes out. I think it might involve buying the perks you want instead of buying a rank. It's going to be a lot of work but definitely cool, I suspect.

Thanks so much for staying with us through all of our phases of running, and I hope to see you on the server!

~Yoshiman__ aKa Brandon

P.S. Add me on Skype. Yoshiman421
Broskizorz Welcome. Hope you enjoy LB like I got to! ...
slas_98 congrats Yoshiman__ on Co-Owner!!!
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